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The spreadsheet below displays all 2316 pages of the dictionary as individual cells. The cells which have a green background have been completely transcribed; the cells with a red background have not.

The Best - Johnson's Most Quoted Sources

"I have determined to consult the best writers... and perhaps I may at last have reason to say... that my book is more learned than its author."Plan, 1747

The numbers automatically update as new entries are transcribed. Ranks are based on the number of entries each source is quoted in, and not on the actual number of quotes. For instance, Dryden is quoted 6 times in the entry "vain", but this only counts as 1 for the purposes of the below analysis.

Top Ten Quoted Sources
1. Shakespeare, William (1101)
2. Dryden, John (788)
3. Milton, John (449)
4. Addison, Joseph (407)
5. Bacon, Francis (396)
 6. Pope, Alexander (393)
7. Swift, Jonathan (306)
8. Bible (293)
9. Locke, John (269)
10. Spenser, Edmund (254)

Top Ten Quoted Books of the Bible
1. Genesis (48)
2. Psalms (29)
3. Job (27)
4. Ecclesiasticus (27)
5. Exodus (25)
 6. Deuteronomy (21)
7. Matthew (21)
8. Acts (20)
9. Proverbs (19)
10. 1. Samuel (18)

Top Ten Quoted Works by William Shakespeare
1. King Lear (144)
2. Macbeth (136)
3. Merry Wives of Windsor (95)
4. Merchant of Venice (83)
5. Coriolanus (80)
 6. Cymbeline (73)
7. Henry IV, Part 2 (72)
8. Taming of the Shrew (71)
9. Henry V (66)
10. Richard III (63)

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