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  1. Hello!

    Thank you very much for this project! I’m interested in languages; especially old English. I would like to volunteer to transcribe. Random entries are fine. 5 entries / post sounds a little small amount, unless requesting more is somehow automated :-) Well, I can give it a try at that rate.

    Is it ok to use UTF8 for e.g. Greek and Hebrew words, or should they rather be translitterated? I would personally prefer to retain the original characters, possibly with an additional translitteration, although the original work has no such.

    I can read the Greek alphabet, although I don’t really speak the language, except for having studied a couple of basic lessons :-) My Latin is about 7 lessons so far ;-) I speak Finnish as my mother language, English as my first foreign language, a little Swedish and I understand basic German.

    I have compiled a Stardict format compatible edition of the English Wiktionary, although it contains only the basic definitions. I also have compiled a Kindle (DX) compatible edition of Gutenberg’s 1911 Unabridged combined with English Wiktionary entries.

    I have websites at dictinfo.com and sites.google.com/site/korhonenjoel/.

    I’m a Bachelor of Business Administration and I majored in IT. I work as a application server architect at Kela or the Finnish Social Security Institution.

  2. korhoj on July 18th, 2014 at 5:14 am

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