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Abru'pt. adj. [abruptus, Lat.] Broken off.

  1. Broken, craggy.

    Resistless, roaring, dreadful, down it comes
    From the rude mountain, and the mossy wild,
    Tumbling through rocks abrupt.
    Thomson's Winter.

  2. Divided, without any thing intervening.

              Or spread his airy flight,
    Upborn with indefatigable wings,
    Over the vast abrupt, ere he arrive
    The happy isle.
    Milton's Paradise Lost, b. ii. l. 409.

  3. Sudden, without the customary or proper preparatives.

              My lady craves
    To know the cause of your abrupt departure.
    Shakespeare's Henry VI.

    The abrupt and unkind breaking off the two first parliaments, was wholly imputed to the duke of Buckingham. Clar.

    Abrupt, with eagle-speed she cut the sky;
    Instant invisible to mortal eye.
    Then first he recogniz'd th' ethereal guest.
    Pope's Odyss. b. i.

  4. Unconnected.

    The abrupt stile, which hath many breaches, and doth not seem to end but fall. Ben. Johnson's Discovery.

Sources: Clarendon, Edward (73) · Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part 1 (48) · Jonson, Ben (70) · Milton, John (449) · Pope, Alexander (393) · Thomson, James (73)

Attributes: Adjective (426) · Latin (690)

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