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Abho'rrent. adj. [from abhor]

  1. Struck with abhorrence.

    — — — For if the worlds
    In worlds inclos'd would on his senses burst,
    He would abhorrent turn.
    Thomson's Summer, l. 310.

  2. Contrary to, foreign, inconsistent with. It is used with the particles from or to, but more properly with from.

    This I conceive to be an hypothesis, well worthy a rational belief; and yet is it so abhorrent from the vulgar, that they would as soon believe Anaxagoras, that snow is black, as him that should affirm it is not white; and if any should in effect assert, that the fire is not formally hot, it would be thought that the heat of his brain had fitted him for Anticyra, and that his head were so to madness. Glanville's Scepsis Scient. c. 17.

    Why then these foreign thoughts of state employments,
    Abhorrent to your function and your breeding?
    Poor droning truants of unpractis'd cells,
    Bred in the fellowship of beardless boys,
    What wonder is it if you know not men?
    Dryden's Don Sebastian.

Sources: Dryden, John (788) · Glanvill, Joseph (53) · Thomson, James (73)

Attributes: Adjective (426)

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