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To Abri'dge. v.a. [abreger, Fr. abbrevio, Lat.]

  1. To make shorter in words, keeping still the same substance.

    All these sayings, being declared by Jason of Cyrene in five books, we will essay to abridge in one volume. 2 Macc. ii. 23.

  2. To contract, to diminish, to cut short.

    The determination of the will, upon enquiry, is following the direction of that guide; and he, that has a power to act or not to act, according as such determination directs, is free. Such determination abridges not that power wherein liberty consists. Locke.

  3. To deprive of; in which sense it is followed by the particle from, or of, preceding the thing taken away.

        I have disabled mine estate,
    By shewing something a more swelling port,
    Than my faint means would grant continuance;
    Nor do I now make moan to be abridg'd
    From such a noble rate.
    Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.

    They were formerly, by the common law, discharged from pontage and murage; but this privilege has been abridged them since by several statutes. Ayliffe's Parergon Juris Canonici.

Sources: The Bible - 2. Maccabees (14) · Ayliffe, John (43) · Locke, John (269) · Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice (83)

Attributes: French (385) · Latin (690) · Verb Active (289)

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