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Abro'ad. adv. [compounded of a and broad. See Broad.]

  1. Without confinement; widely; at large.

                Intermit no watch
    Against a wakeful foe, while I abroad,
    Thro' all the coasts of dark destruction seek
    Milton's Paradise Lost, b. ii. l. 463.

    Again, the lonely fox roams far abroad,
    On secret rapine bent, and midnight fraud;
    Now haunts the cliff, now traverses the lawn,
    And flies the hated neighbourhood of man.

  2. Out of the house.

                Welcome, Sir,
    This cell's my court; here have I few attendants,
    And subjects none abroad.
    Shakespeare's Tempest.

    Lady — — walked a whole hour abroad, without dying after it; at least in the time I staid; though she seemed to be fainting, and had convulsive motions several times in her head. Pope's Letters.

  3. In another country.

    They thought it better to be somewhat hardly yoked at home, than for ever abroad, and discredited. Hooker, Pref.

    Whosoever offers at verbal translation, shall have the misfortune of that young traveller, who lost his own language abroad, and brought home no other instead of it. Sir J. Denham.

    What learn our youth abroad, but to refine
    The homely vices of their native land?
    Dryd. Span. Friar.

    He who sojourns in a foreign country, refers what he sees and hears abroad, to the state of things at home. Atterb. Serm.

  4. In all directions, this way and that.

    Full in the midst of this infernal road,
    An elm displays her dusky arms abroad.
    Dryd. Virg. Æn. vi.

  5. Without, not within.

    Bodies politic, being subject, as much as natural, to dissolution, by divers means, there are undoubtedly more states overthrown through diseases bred within themselves, than through violence from abroad. Hooker, Dedication.

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Attributes: Adverb (147)

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