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Accord (noun)

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Acco'rd. n.s. [accord, Fr.]

  1. A compact; an agreement.

    If both are satisfy'd with this accord,
    Swear by the laws of knighthood on my sword.
    Dryd. Fab.

  2. Concurrence, union of mind.

    At last such grace I found, and means I wrought,
    That I that lady to my spouse had won,
    Accord of friends, consent of parents sought,
    Affiance made, my happiness begun.
    Spenser's Fairy Queen, b. ii. c. 4.

    They gathered themselves together, to fight with Joshua and Israel, with one accord. Joshua, ix. 2.

  3. Harmony, symmetry, just correspondence of one thing with another.

    Beauty is nothing else but a just accord and mutual harmony of the members, animated by a healthful constitution. Dryden's Dufresnoy, Pref.

  4. Musical note.

    Try if there were in one steeple two bells of unison, whether the striking of the one would move the other, more than if it were another accord. Bacon's Natural History, № 281.

    We must not blame Apollo, but his lute,
    If false accords from her false strings be sent.
    Sir Jo. Davies.

  5. Voluntary motion.

                Ne Guyon yet spake word,
    Till that they came unto an iron door,
    Which to them open'd of its own accord.
    Fairy Q. b. ii. c. 7.

    Will you blame any man for doing that of his own accord, which all men should be compelled to do, that are not willing of themselves. Hooker.

    All animal substances, exposed to the air, turn alkaline of their own accord; and some vegetables, by heat, will not turn acid, but alkaline. Arbuthnot on Aliments.

  6. Action in speaking, correspondent to the words.

    Titus, I am come to talk with thee. —
    — No, not a word: how can I grace my talk,
    Wanting a hand to give it that accord?
    Shakesp. Titus And.

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Attributes: French (385) · Noun Substantive (1269)

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