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Account (verb)

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To Acco'unt. v.a. [See ACCOUNT.]

  1. To esteem, to think, to hold in opinion.

    That also was accounted a land of giants. Deut.

  2. To reckon, to compute.

    The calendar months are likewise arbitrarily and unequally settled by the same power; by which months we, to this day, account, and they measure, and make up, that which we call the Julian year. Holder on Time.

  3. To give an account, to assign the causes; in which sense it is followed by the particle for.

    If any one should ask, why our general continued so easy to the last? I know no other way to account for it, but by that unmeasurable love of wealth, which his best friends allow to be his predominant passion. Swift.

  4. To make up the reckoning; to answer for practices.

    Then thou shalt see him plung'd, when least he fears,
    At once accounting for his deep arrears.
    Dryd. Juv. Sat. xiii.

    They have no uneasy presages of a future reckoning, wherein the pleasures they now taste, must be accounted for; and may, perhaps, be outweighed by the pains, which shall then lay hold of them. Atterbury's Sermons.

  5. To appear as the medium by which any thing may be explained.

    Such as have a faulty circulation through the lungs, ought to eat very little at a time; because the increase of the quantity of fresh chyle, must make that circulation still more uneasy; which, indeed, is the case of consumptive and some asthmatic persons, and accounts for the symptoms they are troubled with after eating. Arbuthnot on Aliments.

  6. To assign to, with the particle to.

    For some years, really accrued the yearly sum of two hundred thousand pounds to the king's coffers: and it was, in truth, the only project that was accounted to his own service. Clarendon.

  7. To hold in esteem.

    Silver was nothing accounted of in the days of Solomon. Chron.

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Attributes: Verb Active (289)

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