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A'crimony. n.s. [acrimonia, Lat.]

  1. Sharpness, corrosiveness.

    There be plants that have a milk in them when they are cut; as, figs, old lettuce, sow-thistles, spurge, &c. The cause may be an inception of putrefaction: for those milks have all an acrimony, though one would think they should be lenitive. Bacon‘s Natural History, № 639.

    The chymists define salt, from some of its properties, to be a body fusible in the fire, congealable again by cold into brittle glebes or crystals; soluble in water, so as to disappear, not malleable, and having something in it which affects the organs of taste with a sensation of acrimony or sharpness. Arbuthnot on Aliments.

  2. Sharpness of temper, severity, bitterness of thought or language.

    This made John the Baptist set himself, with so much acrimony and indignation, to baffle this senseless arrogant conceit of theirs, which made them huff at the doctrine of repentance, as a thing below them, and not at all belonging to them. South.

Sources: Arbuthnot, John (227) · Bacon, Francis (396) · South, Robert (158)

Attributes: Latin (690) · Noun Substantive (1269)

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