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Adama'ntine. adj. [adamantinus, Lat.]

  1. Made of adamant.

    Wide is the fronting gate, and rais’d on high
    With adamantine columns, threats the sky.
    Dryd. Æn. vi.

  2. Having the qualities of adamant; as, hardness, indissolubility.

    Could Eve's weak hand, extended to the tree,
    In sunder rend that adamantine chain,
    Whose golden links, effects and causes be,
    And which to God's own chair doth fix'd remain?

    An eternal sterility must have possessed the world, where all things had been fixed and fastened everlastingly with the adamantine chains of specific gravity; if the Almighty had not spoken and said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit-tree yielding fruit after its kind; and it was so. Bentley's Sermons.

    In adamantine chains shall death be bound,
    And hell's grim tyrant feel th' eternal wound.
    Pope's Messiah.

    Tho’ adamantine bonds the chief restrain,
    The dire restraint his wisdom will defeat,
    And soon restore him to his regal seat.
    Pope's Odyssey, b. i.

Sources: Bentley, Richard (57) · Davies, John (45) · Dryden, John (788) · Pope, Alexander (393)

Attributes: Adjective (426) · Latin (690)

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