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Administra'tor. n.s. [administrator, Lat.]

  1. It is properly taken for him that has the goods of a man dying intestate, committed to his charge by the ordinary, and is accountable for the same, whenever it shall please the ordinary to call upon him thereunto. Cowell.

    He was wonderfully diligent to enquire and observe what became of the king of Arragon, in holding the kingdom of Castille, and whether he did hold it in his own right, or as administrator to his daughter. Bacon's Henry VII.

  2. He that officiates in divine rites.

    I feel my conscience bound to remember the death of Christ, with some society of christians or other, since it is a most plain command; whether the person, who distributes these elements, be only an occasional or a settled administrator. Watts's Improvement of the Mind, p. i. c. 18.

  3. He that conducts the government.

    The residence of the prince, or chief administrator, of the civil power. Swift's short View of Ireland.

Sources: Bacon, Francis (396) · Cowell, John (42) · Swift, Jonathan (306) · Watts, Isaac (116)

Attributes: Latin (690) · Noun Substantive (1269)

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