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Advise (verb active)

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To Advi'se. v.a. [adviser, Fr.]

  1. To counsel; with the particle to before the thing advised.

    lf you do stir abroad, go arm'd. ——
    —— Arm'd, brother! ——
    —— Brother, I advise you to the best.
    Shak. K Lear.

    I would advise all gentlemen to learn merchants accounts, and not to think it a skill that belongs not to them. Locke.

    When I consider the scruples and cautions I here lay in your way, methinks it looks as if I advised you to something which I would have offered at, but in effect not done. Idem.

  2. To give information; to inform; to make acquainted with any thing; often with the particle of before the thing told.

    You were advis'd, his flesh was capable
    Of wounds and scars; and that his forward spirit
    Would lift him, where most trade of danger rang'd.
    Shakespeare's Henry IV. p. ii.

                            Such discourse bring on,
    As may advise him of his happy state;
    Happiness in his pow'r, left free to will.
    Paradise Lost.

    A posting messenger, dispatch'd from hence,
    Of this fair troop advis'd their aged prince.
    Dryden's Æneid.

Sources: Dryden, John (788) · Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 2 (72) · Shakespeare's King Lear (144) · Locke, John (269) · Milton, John (449)

Attributes: French (385) · Verb Active (289)

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