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Advi'sed. participial adj. [from advise.]

  1. Acting with deliberation and design; prudent; wise.

    Let his travel appear rather in his discourse, than in his apparel or gesture; and, in his discourse, let him be rather advised in his answers, than forward to tell stories. Bacon's Ess.

                    Th' Almighty Father, where he sits
    Shrin'd in his sanctuary of heav'n secure,
    Consulting on the sum of things foreseen,
    This tumult, and permitted all, advis'd.
    Paradise Lost, b. vi.

  2. Performed with deliberation; done on purpose; acted with design.

    By that which we work naturally, as, when we breathe, sleep, and move, we set forth the glory of God, as natural agents do; albeit we have no express purpose to make that our end, nor any advised determination therein to follow a law. Hooker, b. i. p. 49.

    In my school-days, when I had lost one shaft,
    I shot his fellow of the self-same flight,
    The self-same way, with more advised watch,
    To find the other forth; by vent'ring both,
    I oft found both.
    Shakesp. Merchant of Venice.

Sources: Bacon, Francis (396) · Hooker, Richard (175) · Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice (83) · Milton, John (449)

Attributes: Participial Adjective (26)

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