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Ae'rial. adj. [aërius, Lat.]

  1. Belonging to the air, as consisting of it.

                        The thunder, when to roll
    With terrour through the dark aerial hall.
    Paradise Lost.

    From all that can with fins or feathers fly,
    Thro' the aerial or the wat'ry sky.

    I gathered the thickness of the air, or aerial interval, of the glasses at that ring. Newton's Opticks.

    Vegetables abound more with aerial particles, than animal substances. Arbuthnot on Aliments.

  2. Produced by the air.

    The gifts of heav'n my foll'wing song pursues,
    Aerial honey, and ambrosial dews.
    Dryd. Virg. Georg.

  3. Inhabiting the air.

                    Where those immortal shapes
    Of bright aerial spirits live inspher'd,
    In regions mild, of calm and serene air.
    Paradise Regained.

    Aerial animals may be subdivided into birds and flies. Locke.

  4. Placed in the air.

    Here subterranean works and cities see,
    There towns aerial on the waving tree.
    Pope's Essay on Man.

  5. High; elevated in situation, and therefore in the air.

    A spacious city stood, with firmest walls,
    Sure mounded, and with numerous turrets crown'd,
    Aerial spires, and citadels, the seat
    Of kings and heroes resolute in war.

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Attributes: Adjective (426) · Latin (690)

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