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Afa'r. adv. [from a for at, and far.] See Far.

  1. At a great distance.

    So shaken as we are, so wan with care,
    Find we a time for frighted peace to pant,
    And breathe short-winded accents of new broils,
    To be commenc'd in strouds afar remote?
    Shakespeare's Henry IV.

    We hear better when we hold our breath than contrary; insomuch as in listening to attain a sound afar off, men hold their breath. Bacon's Natural History, № 284.

  2. To a great distance.

            Hector hastened to relieve his boy;
    Dismiss'd his bumish'd helm that shone afar,
    The pride of warriours, and the pomp of war.

  3. From afar; from a distant place.

    The rough Vulturnus, furious in its course,
    With rapid streams divides the fruitful grounds,
    And from afar in hollow murmur sounds.
    Addison on Italy.

  4. Afar off; remotely distant.

    Much suspecting his secret ends, he entertained a treaty of peace with France, but secretly and afar off, and to be governed as occasions should vary. Sir John Hayward.

Sources: Addison, Joseph (408) · Bacon, Francis (396) · Dryden, John (788) · Hayward, John (42) · Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 1 (46)

Attributes: Adverb (147)

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