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Aga'in. adv. [aᵹn, Sax.]

  1. A second time; once more; marking the repetition of the same thing.

    The poor remnant of human seed, which remained in their mountains, peopled their country again slowly, by little and little. Bacon's New Atalantis.

    Go now, deluded man, and seek again
    New toils, new dangers, on the dusty plain.
    Dryd. Æn.

    Some are already retired into foreign countries; and the rest, who possess lands, are determined never to hazard them again, for the sake of establishing their superstition. Swift.

  2. On the other hand; marking some opposition or contrariety.

    His wit encreased upon the occasion; and so much the more, if the occasion were sharpened with danger. Again, whether it were the shortness of his foresight, or the strength of his will, certain it is, that the perpetual trouble of his fortunes could not have been without defects in his nature. Bacon.

    Those things that we know not what do withal, if we had them, and those things, again, which another cannot part with, but to his own loss and share, are the very conditions of this fable. L'Estrange's Fables.

  3. On another part; marking a transition to some new consideration.

    Behold, yon mountain's hoary height,
    Made higher with new mounts of snow;
    Again, behold the winter's weight
    Oppress the labr'ing woods below.

  4. In return, noting re-action, or reciprocal action; as, his fortune worked upon his nature, and his nature again upon his fortune.

  5. Back, in restitution.

                    When your head did but ake,
    I knit my handkerchief upon your brows;
    The best I had, a princess wrought it me,
    And I did never ask it you again.
    Shakesp. King John.

  6. In return for any thing; in recompense.

    That he hath given will he pay again. Prov. xix. 27.

  7. In order of rank or succession; marking distribution.

    Question was asked of Demosthenes, What was the chief part of an orator? He answered, Action. What next? Action. What next, again? Action. Bacon's Essays.

    The cause of the holding green, is the close and compact substance of their leave, and the pedicles of them: and the cause of that again is either the tough and vicious juice of the plant, or the strength and heat thereof. Bacon's Natural History.

  8. Besides; in any other time or place.

    They have the Walloons, who are tall soldiers; yet that is but a spot of ground. But, on the other side, there is not in the world again such a spring and seminary of brave military people, as in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Bacon.

  9. Twice as much; marking the same quantity once repeated.

    There are whom heav'n has blest with store of wit,
    Yet want as much again to manage it;
    For wit and judgment ever are at strife,
    Tho' meant each other's aid, like man and wife.

    I should not be sorry to see a chorus on a theatre, more than as large and as deep again as ours, built and adorned at a king's charges. Dryden's Dufresnoy.

  10. Again and again; with frequent repetition; often.

    This is not to be obtained by one or two hasty readings; it must be repeated again and again, with a close attention to the tenour of the discourse. Locke's Essay on St. P. Epistles.

  11. In opposition, by way of resistance.

    Who art thou that answerest again? Rom. ix. 20.

  12. Back; as returning from some message.

    Bring us word again which way we shall go. Deut. i. 22.

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Attributes: Adverb (147) · Saxon (215)

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