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A'ged. adj. [from age. It makes two syllables in poetry.]

  1. Old; stricken in years; applied generally to animate beings.

    If the comparison do stand between man and man, which shall hearken unto other, sith the aged, for the most part, are best experienced, least subject to rash and unadvised passions. Hooker, b. v. § 7.

    Novelty is only in request; and it is as dangerous to be aged in any kind of course, as it is virtuous to be constant in any undertaking. Shakesp. Measure for Measure.

    Kindness itself too weak a charm will prove,
    To raise the feeble fires of aged love.

  2. Old; applied to inanimate things. This use is rare, and commonly with some tendency to the prosopopœia.

    The people did not more worship the images of gold and ivory, than they did the groves; and the same Quintilian saith of the aged oaks. Stillingfleet's Defence of Disc. on Rom. Idol.

Sources: Hooker, Richard (175) · Shakespeare's Measure for Measure (39) · Prior, Matthew (162) · Stillingfleet, Edward (37)

Attributes: Adjective (426)

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