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Ana'nas. n.s. The pine apple.

It has a flower consisting of one leaf, divided into three parts, and funnel-shaped; the embryos produced in the tubercles, afterwards become fruit; the seeds in the tubercles are small, and almost kidney-shaped.

The species are, 1. Oval-shaped pine apple, with a whitish flesh. 2. Pyramidal pine apple, with a yellow flesh. 3. Pine apple, with smooth leaves. 4. Pine apple, with shining green leaves, and scarce any spines on their edges. 5. The olive-coloured pine.

The first sort is most common in Europe, but the fruit of the second is larger, better flavoured, and its juice not so astringent. The fifth sort is the most rare in Europe, but esteemed above all the rest. These plants are propagated by suckers; and from the crowns which grow on top of the fruit. Miller.

Witness thou best anana, thou the pride
Of vegetable life, beyond whate'er
The poets imag'd in the golden age.
Thoms. Summer.

Sources: Miller, Philip (58) · Thomson, James (73)

Attributes: Noun Substantive (1269)

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