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Apa'ce. adv. [from a and pace; that is, with a great pace.]

  1. Quick; speedily: used of things in motion.

    Or when the flying libbard she did chace,
    She could them nimbly move, and after fly apace.
    F. Queen.

                        Ay, quoth my uncle Glo'ster,
    Small herbs have grace, great weeds do grow apace.
    And since methinks, I would not grow so fast,
    Because sweet flow'rs are slow, and weeds make haste.
    Shakesp. Richard III.

    He promis'd in his east a glorious race;
    Now sunk from his meridian, sets apace.
    Dryden's Aurengz.

    Is not he imprudent, who, seeing the tide making haste towards him apace, will sleep till the sea overwhelm him. Tillotson.

  2. With haste; applied to some action.

    The baron now his diamonds pours apace;
    Th' embroider'd king who shows but half his face,
    And his refulgent queen.
    Pope's Rape of the Lock.

  3. Hastily; with speed: spoken of any kind of progression from one state to another.

                        This second course of men,
    With some regard to what is just and right,
    Shall lead their lives, and multiply apace.
    Milton's Par. Lost.

    The life and power of religion decays apace here and at home, while we are spreading the honour of our arms far and wide through foreign nations. Atterbury's Sermons.

    If sensible pleasure, or real grandeur, be our end, we shall proceed apace to real misery. Watts's Improv. of the Mind.

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Attributes: Adverb (147)

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