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Apa'rt. adv. [apart, Fr.]

  1. Separately from the rest in place.

    Since I enter into that question, it behoveth me to give reason for my opinion, with circumspection; because I walk aside, and in a way apart from the multitude. Raleigh's History.

    The party discerned, that the earl of Essex would never serve their turn, they resolved to have another army apart, that should be at their devotion. Clarendon, b. viii.

  2. In a state of distinction; as, to set apart for any use.

    He is so very figurative, that he requires a grammar apart, to construe him. Dryden.

    The tyrant shall demand yon sacred load,
    And gold and vessels set apart for God.

  3. Distinctly.

    Moses first nameth heaven and earth, putting waters but in the third place, as comprehending waters in the word earth; but afterwards he nameth them apart. Raleigh's History.

  4. At a distance; retired from the other company.

    So please you, madam,
    To put apart these your attendants, I
    Shall bring Emilia forth.
    Shakesp. Winter's Tale.

Sources: Clarendon, Edward (73) · Dryden, John (788) · Prior, Matthew (162) · Raleigh, Walter (68) · Shakespeare's Winter's Tale (43)

Attributes: Adverb (147) · French (385)

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