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Back (adverb)

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Back. adv. [from the noun.]

  1. The the place from which one came.

    Back you shall not to the house, unless
    You undertake that with me.
    Shakesp. Twelfth Night.

    He sent many to seek the ship Argo, threatening that if they brought not back Madea, they should suffer in her stead. Raleigh's History of the World.

    But where they are, and why they came not back,
    Is now the labour of my thoughts.

    Back to they native island might'st thou sail,
    And leave half-heard the melancholy tale.
    Pope's Odyssey

  2. Backward; from the present station.

    I've been surprised in an unguarded hour,
    But must not now go back; the love that lay
    Half smother'd in my breast, has broke through all
    Its weak restraints.
    Addison's Cato.

  3. Behind; not coming forward.

    I thought to promote thee unto great honour; but lo the Lord hath kept thee back from honour. Numb. xxiv. 11.

    Constrains the glebe, keeps back the hurtful weed. Blackmore's Creation, b. ii.

  4. Toward things past.

    I had always a curiosity to look back unto the sorrows of things, and to view in my mind the beginning and progress of a rising world. Burnet's Theory of the Earth.

  5. Again; in return.

    The lady's mad; yet if 'twere so,
    She could not sway her house, command her followers,
    Take and give back affairs, and their despatch,
    With such a smooth, discreet, and stable bearing.
    Shakesp. Twelfth Night.

  6. Again; a second time.

    This Cæsar found, and that ungrateful age,
    With losing him, went back to blood and rage.

    The epistles being written from ladies forsaken by their lovers, many thoughts came back upon us in divers letters. Dryd.

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Attributes: Adverb (147)

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