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Blush (verb)

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To Blush. v.n. [blosen, Dutch.]

  1. To betray shame or confusion, by a red colour in the cheek.

                            I have mark'd
    A thousand blushing apparitions
    To start into her face; a thousand innocent shames,
    In angel whiteness, bear away the blushes.
    Shakesp. Much ado about Nothing.

                                Pale and bloodless,
    Being all descended to the labr'ing heart,
    Which with the heart there cools, and n'er returneth
    To blush and beautify the cheek again.
    Shakesp. Henry VI.

                            I will go wash:
    And when my face is fair, you shall perceive
    Whether I blush, or no.
    Shakesp. Cymbeline.

    All these things are graceful in a friend's mouth, which are blushing in a man's own. Bacon, Essay 28.

    Shame causeth blushing; blushing is the resort of the blood to the face; although blushing will be seen in the whole breast, yet that is but in passage to the face. Bacon's Nat. History.

    Blush then, but blush for your destructive silence,
    That tears your soul.
    Smith's Phædr. and Hippolitus.

  2. To carry a red colour, or any soft and bright colour.

                                To day he puts forth
    The tender leaves of hope; tomorrow blossoms
    And bears his blushing honours thick upon him.
    Sh. H. VI.

    Along those blushing borders, bright with dew. Thomson.

  3. It has at before the cause of shame.

    He whin'd, and roar'd away your victory,
    That pages blush'd at him; and men of heart
    Look'd wondr'ing at each other.
    Shakesp. Coriolanus.

    You have not lost all your natural modesty, but blush at your vices. Calamy's Sermons.

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Attributes: Dutch (90) · Verb Neuter (131)

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