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Box (noun 1)

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Box. n.s. [box, Sason; buxus, Lat.] A tree.

The characters are; The leaves are pennated, and evergreen; it hath male flowers, that are produced at remote distances from the fruit, on the same tree; the fruit is shaped like a porridge-pot inverted, and is divided into three cells, containing two seeds in each, which, when ripe, are cast forth by the elasticity of the vessels. The species are; 1. The box-tree. 2. The narrow-leaved box-tree. 3. Striped box. 4. The golden edged box-tree. 5. The dwarf box. 6. The dwarf striped box. 7. The silver edged box. On Boxhill, near Darking in Surrey, were formerly many large trees of this kind; but, of late years, their number is pretty much decreased; yet some remain of a considerable bigness. The wood is very useful for engravers and mathematical instrument-makers; being so hard, close, and ponderous, as to sink in water. Millar.

Box, there are two sorts of it; the dwarf box, and a taller sort, that grows to a considerable height. The dwarf box is very good for borders, and is easily kept in order, with one clipping in the year. It will increase of slips set in March, or about Bartholomew-tide, and may be raised of layers and suckers, and will prosper on the declivity of cold, dry, barren, chalky hills, where nothing else will grow. Mortimer.

Sources: Miller, Philip (58) · Mortimer, John (62)

Attributes: Latin (690) · Noun Substantive (1269) · Saxon (215)

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