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Cap (noun)

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Cap. n.s. [cap, Welch; cæpp, Sax. cappe, Germ. cappe, Fr. cappa, Ital. capa, Span. kappe, Dan. and Dutch; caput, a head, Latin.]

  1. The garment that covers the head.

    Here is the cap your worship did bespeak. —
    Why, this was moulded on a porringer,
    A velvet dish.
    Shakesp. Taming the Shrew.

    I have ever held my cap off to thy fortune. —
    — Thou hast serv'd me with much faith.

    First, lolling, sloth in woollen cap,
    Taking her after-dinner nap.

    The cap, the whip, the masculine attire,
    For which they roughen to the sense.
    Thomson's Autumn.

  2. The ensign of the cardinalate.

    Henry the fifth did sometimes prophesy,
    If once he came to be a cardinal,
    He'd make his cap coequal with the crown.
    Shakesp. H. VI.

  3. The topmost; the highest.

    Thou art the cap of all the fools alive. Shakesp. Timon.

  4. A reverence made by uncovering the head.

    They more and less, came in with cap and knee,
    Met him in boroughs, cities, villages.
    Shakesp. Henry IV.

    Should the want of a cap or a cringe so mortally discompose him, as we find afterwards it did. L'Estrange.

  5. A vessel made like a cap.

    It is observed, that a barrel or cap, whose cavity will contain eight cubical feet of air, will not serve a diver above a quarter of an hour. Wilkins.

  6. Cap of a great gun. A piece of lead laid over the touch-hole, to preserve the prime.

  7. Cap of maintenance. One of the regalia carried before the king at the coronation.

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