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Cart (noun)

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Cart. n.s. See Car. [cræt, crat, Sax.]

  1. A carriage in general.

    The Scythians are described by Herodotus to lodge always in carts, and to feed upon the milk of mares. Temple.

    Triptolemus, so sung the Nine,
    Strew'd plenty from his cart divine.

  2. A wheel-carriage, used commonly for luggage.

    Now while my friend, just ready to depart,
    Was packing all his goods in one poor cart,
    He stopp'd a little ——
    Dryden's Juvenal.

  3. A small carriage with two wheels, used by husbandmen, distinguished from a waggon, which has four wheels.

    Alas! what weights are these that load my heart!
    I am as dull as winter-starved sheep,
    Tir'd as a jade in overloaden cart.

  4. The vehicle in which criminals are carried to execution.

    The squire, whose good grace was to open the scene,
    Now fitted the halter, now travers'd the cart,
    And often took leave, but was loth to depart.

Sources: Dryden, John (788) · Prior, Matthew (162) · Sidney, Philip (140) · Temple, William (54)

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