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Cell. n.s. [cella, Lat.]

  1. A small cavity or hollow place.

    The brain contains ten thousand cells,
    In each some active fancy dwells.

    How these for ever, though a monarch reign,
    Their sep'rate cells and properties maintain.

  2. The cave or little habitation of a religious person.

    Besides, she did intend confession
    At Patrick's cell this even; and there she was not.

    Then did religion in a lazy cell,
    In empty, airy contemplations dwell.

  3. A small and close apartment in a prison.

  4. Any small place of residence.

    Mine eyes he clos'd, but open left the cell
    Of fancy, my internal sight.
    Par. Lost, b. viii. l. 460.

  5. Little bags or bladders, where fluids, or matter of different sorts are lodged; common both to animals and plants. Quincy.

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