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Cháos. n.s. [chaos, Lat. χάος.]

  1. The mass of matter supposed to be in confusion before it was divided by the creation into its proper classes and elements.

    The whole universe would have been a confused chaos, without beauty or order. Bentley.

  2. Confusion; irregular mixture.

    Had I followed the worst, I could not have brought church and state to such a chaos of confusions, as some have done. K. Charles.

    Their reason sleeps, but mimick fancy wakes,
    Supplies her parts, and wild ideas takes
    From words and things, ill sorted, and misjoin'd,
    The anarchy of thought, and chaos of the mind.

  3. Any thing where the parts are undistinguished.

    We shall have nothing but darkness and a chaos within, whatever order and light there be in things without us. Locke.

    Pleas'd with a work, where nothing's just or fit,
    One glaring chaos and wild heap of wit.

Sources: Bentley, Richard (57) · Charles I (27) · Dryden, John (788) · Locke, John (269) · Pope, Alexander (393)

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