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To Clothe. v.a. pret. I clothed, or clad; particip. I have clothed, or clad. [from cloth.]

  1. To invest with garments; to cover with dress, from cold and injuries.

    Care no more to clothe and eat. Shakesp. Cymbeline.

    An inhabitant of Nova Zembla having lived in Denmark, where he was clothed, took the first opportunity of making his escape into nakedness. Addison's Freeholder, № 5.

    The Britons in Cæsar's time painted their bodies, and clothed themselves with the skins of beasts. Swift.

    With superior boon may your rich soil
    Exuberant nature's better blessings pour
    O'er every land, the naked nations clothe,
    And be th' exhaustless granary of a world.
    Thoms. Spring.

  2. To adorn with dress.

    We clothe and adorn our bodies: indeed, too much time we bestow upon that. Our souls also are to be clothed with holy habits, and adorned with good works. Ray on Creation.

    Embroider'd purple clothes the golden beds. Pope's Statius.

  3. To invest; as with clothes.

    They leave the shady realms of night,
    And, cloth'd in bodies, breathe your upper light.

    Let both use the clearest language in which they can clothe their thoughts. Watt's Improvement of the Mind, p. i.

  4. To furnish or provide with clothes.

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