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Cold (noun)

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Cold. n.s. [from the adjective.]

  1. The cause of the sensation of cold; the privation of heat; the figorifick power.

    Fair lined slippers for the cold. Shakespeare.

    Heat and cold are nature's two hands, whereby she chiefly worketh: and heat we have in readiness, in respect of the fire; but for cold we must stay 'till it cometh, or seek it in deep caves, or high mountains; and when all is done, we cannot obtain it in any greet degree. Bacon's Natural History, №. 69.

  2. The sensation of cold; coldness; chilness.

    When she saw her lord prepar'd to part,
    A deadly cold ran shiv'ring to her heart.
    Dryden's Fables.

  3. A disease caused by cold; the obstruction of perspiration.

    What disease hast thou? ——
    A whorson cold, sir; a cough.
    Shakesp. Henry IV. p. 2.

    Let no ungentle cold destroy
    All taste we have of heav'nly joy.

    Those rains, so covering the earth, might providentially contribute to the disruption of it, by stopping all the pores, and all evaporation, which would make the vapours within struggle violently, as we get a fever by a cold. Burnet.

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