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Cóvetous. adj. [convoiteux, French.]

  1. Inordinately desirous.

    While cumber'd with my dropping cloaths I lay,
    The cruel nation, covetous of prey,
    Strain'd with my blood the unhospitable coast.
    Dryden's Æn.

  2. Inordinately eager of money; avaricious.

    An heart they have exercised with covetous practices. 2 Pet. ii. 14.

    What he cannot help in his nature, you must not account a vice in him: you must in no ways say he is covetous. Shakesp.

    Let never so much probability hang on one side of a covetous man's reasoning, and money on the other, it is easy to foresee which will outweigh. Locke.

  3. Desirous; eager: in a good sense.

                                Sheba was never
    More covetous of wisdom and fair virtue,
    Than this fair soul shall be.
    Shakespeare's Henry VIII.

    He that is envious or angry at a virtue that is not his own, at the perfection or excellency of his neighbour, is not covetous of the virtue, but of its reward and reputation, and then his intentions are polluted. Taylor's Rule of Living Holy.

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