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Cúbeb. n.s. A small dried fruit resembling pepper, but somewhat longer, of a greyish-brown colour on the surface, and composed of a corrugated or wrinkled external bark, covering a single and thin friable shell of capsule, containing a single seed of a roundish figure, blackish on the surface, and white within. It has an aromatick, but not very strong smell, and is acrid and pungent to the taste, but less so than pepper. Cubebs are brought into Europe from the island of Java; but the plant, which produces them, is wholly unknown to us. They are warm and carminative; and the Indians steep them in wine, and esteem them provocatives to venery. Hill.

Aromaticks, as cubebs, cinnamon, and nutmegs, are usually put into crude poor wines, to give them more oily spirits. Floyer on the Humours.

Sources: Floyer, John (18) · Hill, John (29)

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