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adj. [from cube.]
  1. Having the form or properties of a cube.

    A close vessel, containing ten cubical feet of air, will not suffer a wax-candle of an ounce to burn in it above an hour before it be suffocated. Wilkin's Math. Mag.

    It is above a hundred to one, against any particular throw, that you do not cast any given set of faces with four cubical dice; because there are so many several combinations of the six faces of four dice. Bentley's Sermons.

  2. It is applied to numbers.

    The number of four, multiplied into itself, produceth the square number of sixteen; and that again multiplied by four, produceth the cubick number of sixty-four. If we should suppose a multitude actually infinite, there must be infinite roots, and square and cubick numbers; yet, of necessity, the root is but the fourth part of the square, and the sixteenth part of the cubick number. Hale's Origin of Mankind.

    The number of ten hath been as highly extolled, as containing even, odd, long and plain, quadrate and cubical numbers. Brown's Vulgar Errours, b. iv. c. 12.

Sources: Bentley, Richard (57) · Browne, Thomas (203) · Hale, Matthew (49) · Wilkins, John (32)

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