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Discriminátion. n.s. [from discriminatio, Latin.]

  1. The state of being distinguished from other persons or things.

    There is a reverence left to be shewed them on the account of their discrimination from other places, and separation for sacred uses. Stillingfleet's Def. of Disc. On Rom. Idol.

  2. The act of distinguishing one from another; distinction; difference put.

    A satire should expose nothing but what is corrigible, and make a due discrimination between those that are, and those who are not the proper objects of it. Addison's Spectator.

    By that prudent discrimination made between the offenders of different degrees, he obliges those whom he has distinguished as objects of mercy. Addison's Freeholder, №. 31.

  3. The marks of distinction.

    Take heed of abetting any factions, or applying any publick discriminations in matters of religion. King Charles.

    Letters arise from the first original discriminations of voice, by way of articulation, whereby the ear is able to judge and observe the differences of vocal sounds. Holder’s El. Of Speech.

Sources: Addison, Joseph (408) · Charles I (27) · Holder, William (38) · Spectator (140) · Stillingfleet, Edward (37)

Attributes: Latin (690) · Noun Substantive (1269)

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