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Down (adverb)

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Down. adv.

  1. On the ground; from the height at which anything was to a lower situation.

    Whom they hit, none on their feet might stand,
    Though standing else as rocks; but down they fell
    By thousands.
    Milton's Paradise Lost, b. vi. l. 593.

    Down sinks the giant with a thund'ring sound,
    His pond'rous limbs oppress the trembling ground;
    Blood, brains, and foam, gush from the gaping wound.
  2. Tending towards the ground.

  3. Out of sight; below the horizon.

                        How goes the night, boy?
    —The moon is down; i have not heard the clock,
    And she goes down at twelve.
    Shakespeare's Macbeth.

  4. To a total maceration.

    What remains of the subject, after the decoction, is continued to be boiled down, with the addition of fresh water, to a sapid fat. Arbuthnot on Aliments.

  5. Into disgrace; into declining reputation.

    He shar'd our dividend o' th' crown,
    We had so painfully preach'd down;
    And forc'd us, though against the grain,
    T' have calls to teach it up again.
    Hudibras, p. iii. cant 2.

    It has been still preached up, but acted down; and dealt with, as the eagle in the fable did with the oyster, carrying it up on high, that, by letting it fall, he might dash it in pieces. South's Sermons.

    There is not a more melancholy object in the learned world, than a man who has written himself down. Addison.

  6. [Answering to up.] Here and there.

    Let them wander up and down for meat, and grudge if they be not satisfied. Ps. lix. 15.

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