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Due (adjective)

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Due. adj. The participle passive of owe. [, French.]

  1. Owed; that which any one has a right to demand in consequence of a compact, or for any other reason.

    There is due from the judge to the advocate some commendation and gracing, where causes are well handled and fair pleaded. Bacon, Essay 57.

    There is likewise due to the publick a civil reprehension of advocates, where there appeareth cunning, gross neglect, or slight information. Bacon, Essay 57.

    Mirth and chearfulness are but the due reward of innocency of life. More's Divine Dialogues.

    A present blessing upon our fasts is neither originally due from God's justice, nor becomes due to us from his veracity. Smalridge's Sermons.

    There is a respect due to mankind, which should incline ever the wisest of men to follow innocent customs. Watts.

  2. Proper; fit; appropriate.

    Opportunity may be taken to excite, in persons attending on those solemnities, a due sense of the vanity of earthly satisfactions. Atterbury.

  3. Exact; without deviation.

    You might see him come towards me beating the ground in so due time, as no dancer can observe better measure. Sidn.

    And Eve within, due at her hour, prepar'd
    For dinner savoury fruits.
    Milton's Paradise Lost, b. v.

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