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adj. [from ἐλάω.] Having the power of returning to the form from which it is distorted or withheld; springy; having the power of a spring.

By what elastick engines did she rear
The starry roof, and roll the orbs in air.
Blackm. Creation.

If the body is compact, and bends or yields inward to pression, without any sliding of its parts, it is hard and elastick, returning to its figure with a force rising from the mutual attraction of its parts. Newton's Opt.

The most common diversities of human constitutions arise from the solids, as to their different degrees of strength and tension; in some being too lax and weak, in others too elastick and strong. Arbuthnot on Aliments.

A fermentation must be excited in some assignable place, which may expand itself by its elastical power, and break through, where it meets with the weakest resistance. Bentley.

Sources: Arbuthnot, John (227) · Bentley, Richard (57) · Blackmore, Richard (24) · Newton, Isaac (40)

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