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Elder (adjective)

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E'lder. adj. The comparative of eld, now corrupted to old. alꝺ, alꝺoꞃ, Saxon.] Surpassing another in years; survivor; having the privileges of primogeniture.

They bring the comparison of younger daughters comforming themselves in attire to the example of their elder sisters. Hooker, b. iv. s. 13.

              Let still the woman take
An elder than herself; so wears she to him
So sways the level in her husband's heart.
Sh. Twelfth Night.

How I firmly am resolv'd, you know;
That is, not to bestow my youngest daughter,
Before I have a husband for the elder.
Sh. Tam. of the Shrew.

The elder of his children comes to acquire a degree of authority among the younger, by the same means the father did among them. Temple.

                    Fame's high temple stands;
Stupendous pile! Not rear'd by mortal hands!
Whate'er proud Rome, or artful Greece beheld,
Or elder Babylon, its frame excell'd.
Pope's Temp. of Fame.

Sources: Hooker, Richard (175) · Pope, Alexander (393) · Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew (71) · Temple, William (54) · Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (36)

Attributes: Adjective (426) · Saxon (215)

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