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Engender (verb active)

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To Enge'nder. v.a. [engendrer, French.]

  1. To beget between different sexes.

    This bastard love is engendered betwixt lust and idleness. Sid.

  2. To produce; to form.

    Oh nature! thou, who of the self-same mettle,
    Whereof thy proud child, arrogant man, is pufft,
    Engender'st the black toad and adder blue.
    Shakesp. Timon.

    Again, if souls do other souls beget,
    'Tis by themselves, or by the body's pow'r:
    If by themselves, what doth their working let,
    But they might souls engender ev'ry hour?

  3. To excite; to cause; to produce.

    Say, can you fast? Your stomachs are too young,
    And abstinence engenders maladies.
    Shakes. Love's Lab. Lost.

    The presence of a king engenders love
    Amongst his subjects and his loyal friends.
    Shakes. Henry VI.

    That engenders thunder in his breast,
    And makes him roar these accusations forth.
    Shakes. H. VI.

    It unloads the mind, engenders thoughts, and animates virtue. Addison's Spectator, №. 93.

  4. To bring forth.

    Vice engenders shame, and folly broods o'er grief. Prior.

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Attributes: French (385) · Verb Active (289)

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