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n.s. [ἐποχὴ.] The time at which a new computation is begun; the time from which dates are numbered.

Moses distinctly sets down this account, computing by certain intervals, memorable æras and epochas, or terms of time. Brown's Vulgar Errours, b. vi. c. 1.

These are the practices of the world, since the year sixty; the grand epoch of falshood, as well as debauchery. South.

Some lazy ages, lost in sleep and ease,
No action leave to busy chronicles;
Such whose supine felicity but makes
In story chasms, in epochas mistakes.

Their several epochas or beginnings, as from the creation of the world, from the flood, from the first olympiad, from the building of Rome, or from any remarkable passage or accident, give us a pleasant prospect into the histories of antiquity and of former ages. Holder on Time.

Time is always reckoned from some known parts of this sensible world, and from some certain epochs marked out to us by the motions observable in it. Locke.

Time, by necessity compel'd, shall go
Through scenes of war, and epochas of woe.

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