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To Err. v.n. [erro, Latin.]

  1. To wander; to ramble.

    A storm of strokes, well meant, with fury flies,
    And errs about their temples, ears, and eyes.
    Dryden's Virg.

    The rains arise, and fires their warmth dispense;
    And fix'd and erring stars dispose their influence.
    Dryd. Virg.

  2. To miss the right way; to stray.

    We have erred and strayed like lost sheep. Common Prayer.

  3. To deviate from any purpose.

    But errs not nature from this gracious end,
    From burning suns when livid deaths descend.
    Pope's Essays.

  4. To commit errours; to mistake.

    It is a judgment maim'd and most imperfect,
    That will confess perfection so could err,
    Against all rules of nature.
    Shakespeare's Othello.

    Do they not err that devise evil? Prov. xiv. 22.

    Possibly the man may err in his judgment of circumstances, and therefore let him fear; but because it is not certain he is mistaken, let him not despair. Taylor's Rule of living holy.

    Nor has it only been the heat of erring persons that has been thus mischievous, but sometimes men of right judgments have too much contributed to the breach. Decay of Piety.

    The muses' friend, unto himself severe,
    With silent pity looks on all that err.

    He who from the reflected image of the sun in water would conclude of light and heat, could not err more grosly. Cheyne.

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Attributes: Latin (690) · Verb Neuter (131)

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