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Erróneous. adj. [from erro, Latin.]

  1. Wandering; unsettled.

                                They roam
    Erroneous and disconsolate, themselves
    Accusing, and their chiefs improvident
    Of military chance.

    This circle, by being placed here, stopped much of the erroneous light, which otherwise would have disturbed the vision. Newton's Opt.

    Unblam'd abundance crown'd the royal board,
    What time this done rever'd her prudent lord;
    Who now, so heav'n decrees, is doom'd to mourn,
    Bitter constraint! erroneous and forlorn.
    Pope's Odyssey, b. i.

  2. Irregular; wandering from the right road.

    If the vessels, instead of breaking, yield, it subjects the person to all the inconveniencies of erroneous circulation; that is, when the blood strays into the vessels destined to carry serum or lymph. Arbuthnot on Aliments.

  3. Mistaking; misled by errour.

    Thou art far from destroying the innocent with the guilty, and the erroneous with the malicious. King Charles.

    There is the erroneous as well as the rightly informed conscience. South's Sermons.

  4. Mistaken; not conformable to truth.

    Their whole counsel is in this point utterly condemned, as having either proceeded from the blindness of those times, or from negligence, or from desire of honour and glory, or from an erroneous opinion that such things might be for a while. Hooker, b. iv. s. 14.

    A wonderful erroneous observation that walketh about, is commonly received, contrary to all the true account of time and experience. Bacon's War with Spain.

    The phænomena of light have been hitherto explained by supposing that they arise from new modifications of the rays, which is an erroneous supposition. Newton's Opt.

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Attributes: Adjective (426) · Latin (690)

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