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Espe'cially. adv. [from especial.] Principally; chiefly; particularly; in a uncommon degree above any other.

I somewhat marvel, that they especially should think it absurd to oppose church government, a plain matter of action, unto matter of faith, who know that themselves divide the gospel into doctrine and discipline. Hooker, b. iii. s. 3.

Would you proceed especially against Caius Marcius? Shak.

This delight they take in doing of mischief, whereby I mean spoiling of any thing to no purpose; but more especially the pleasure they take to put any thing to pain that is capable of it, I cannot persuade myself to be any other than a foreign and introduced disposition. Locke.

Providence hath planted in all men a natural desire and curiosity of knowing things to come; and such things especialy as concern our particular happiness, or the general fate of mankind. Burnet's Theory of the Earth.

Sources: Burnet, Thomas (45) · Shakespeare's Coriolanus (80) · Hooker, Richard (175) · Locke, John (269)

Attributes: Adverb (147)

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