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Fear (verb active)

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To Fear. v.a. [ꝼaꞃan, Saxon.]

  1. To dread; to consider with apprehensions of terrour; to be afraid of.

    Now, for my life, Hortensio fears his widow.
    — Then never trust me if I be afraid.
    — You are very sensible, yet you miss my sense;
    I mean Hortensio is afraid of you.
    Shakes. Tam. of the Shrew.

    To fear the foe, since fear oppresseth strength,
    Gives, in your weakness, strength unto your foe.
    Sh. R. II.

    There shall rise up a kingdom, and it shall be feared above all the kingdoms before it. 2 Esdr. xii. 13.

    When I view the beauties of thy face,
    I fear not death, nor dangers, nor disgrace.

  2. To fright; to terrify; to make afraid.

    The inhabitants, being feared with the Spaniards landing and burning, fled from their dwellings. Carew.

    If he be taken, he shall never more
    Be fear'd of doing harm: make your own purpose
    How in my strength you please.
    Shakes. King Lear.

    We must not make a scarecrow of the law,
    Setting it up to fear the birds of prey.
    Sh. Meas. for Meas.

    Some, sitting on the hatches, would seem there,
    With hideous gazing, to fear away fear.

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Attributes: Saxon (215) · Verb Active (289)

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