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Fe'arful. adj. [fear and full.]

  1. Timorous; timid; easily made afraid.

            He's gentle, and not fearful. Shakespeare's Tempest.

  2. Afraid. It has of before the object of fear.

    The Irish are more fearful to offend the law than the English. Davie on Ireland.

    I have made my heroine fearful of death, which neither Cassandra nor Cleopatra would have been. Dryd. Auren. Pref.

  3. Awful; to be reverenced.

    Who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises. Ex. xv. 11.

  4. Terrible; dreadful; frightful; impressing fear.

    Neither fast to friend, nor fearful to foe. Ascham's Schoolm.

    Against such monsters God maintained his own, by fearful execution of extraordinary judgment upon them. Hooker.

    What God did command touching Canaan, concerneth not us any otherwise than only as a fearful pattern of his just displeasure. Hooker, b. v. s . 17.

    All torment, trouble, wonder, and amazement
    Inhabits here: some heav'nly power guide us
    Out of this fearful country.
    Shakespeare's Tempest.

    It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Hebr. x. 31.

    Lay down by those pleasures the fearful and dangerous thunders and lightnings, the horrible and frequent earthquakes, and then there will be found no comparison. Raleigh.

    This is the natural fruit of sin, and the present revenge which it takes upon sinners, besides that fearful punishment which shall be inflicted on them in another life. Tillotson.

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