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Freeze (verb neuter)

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To Freeze. v.n. preter. froze. [vriesen, Dutch.]

  1. To be congealed with cold.

    The aqueous humour of the eye will not freeze, which is very admirable, seeing it hath the perspicuity and fluidity of common water. Ray on the Creation.

    The freezing of water, or the blowing of a plant, returning at equidistant periods in all parts of the earth, would as well serve men to reckon their years by as the motions of the sun. Locke.

  2. To be of that degree of cold by which water is congealed.

    Orpheus with his lute made trees
    And mountain tops, that freeze,
    Bow themselves when he did sing.
    Shakespeare's Henry VIII.

    Thou art all ice, thy kindness freezes. Shakes. Rich. III.

    Heav'n froze above severe, the clouds congeal,
    And thro' the crystal vault appear'd the standing hail.

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