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Fur (noun)

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Fur. n.s. [fourrure, French.]

  1. Skin with soft hair with which garments are lined for warmth, or covered for ornament.

    December must be expressed with a horrid and fearful countenance; as also at his back a bundle of holly, holding in fur mittens the sign of Capricorn. Peacham on Drawing.

    'Tis but dressing up a bird of prey in his cap and furs to make a judge of him. L'Estrange.

    And lordly gout wrapt up in fur,
    And wheezing asthma, loth to stir.

  2. Soft hair of beasts found in cold countries, where nature provides coats suitable to the weather; hair in general.

    This night, wherein the cubdrawn bear would couch,
    The lion and the belly-pinched wolf
    Keep their fur dry, unbonnetted he runs,
    And bids what will take all.
    Shakespeare's King Lear.

    Such animals as feed upon flesh qualify it, the one by swallowing the hair or fur of the beasts they prey upon, the other by devouring some part of the feathers of the birds they gorge themselves with. Ray on the Creation.

  3. Any moisture exhaled to such a degree as that the remainder sticks on the part.

    Methinks I am not right in ev'ry part;
    I feel a kind of trembling at my heart:
    My pulse unequal, and my breath is strong;
    Besides a filthy fur upon my tongue.
    Dryden's Pers. Sat. 3.

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