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Gage (noun)

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Gage. n.s. [gage, French.] A pledge; a pawn; a caution; any thing given in security.

Who, when the shamed shield of slain Sansfoy
He spy'd, with that same fairy champion's page,
He to him leapt; and that same envious gage,
Of victor's glory, from him snatcht away.
Fairy Queen.

            There I throw my gage
Disclaiming here the kindred of a king,
And lay aside my high blood's royalty.
Shakesp. Richard II.

There is my gage, the manual seal of death,
That marks thee out for hell.
Shakesp. Richard II.

They from their mothers breasts poor orphans rend,
Nor without gages to the needy lend.
Sandys's Paraphrase.

I am made the cautionary pledge,
The gage and hostage of your keeping it.
Southern's Oroonok.

But since it was decreed, auspicious king,
In Britain's right that thou should'st wed the main,
Heav'n, as a gage, would cast some previous thing,
And therefore doom'd that Lawson should be slain.

In any truth, that gets not possession of our minds by self-evidence or demonstration, the arguments, that gain it assent, are the vouchers and gage of its probability. Locke.

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