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Gibbet (noun)

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Gi'bbet. n.s. [gibet, French.]

  1. A gallows; the post on which malefactors are hanged, or on which their carcases are exposed.

    When was there ever cursed atheist brought
    Unto the gibbet, but he did adore
    That blessed pow'r which he had set at nought?

    You scandal to the stock of verse, a race
    Able to bring the gibbet in disgrace.

    Haman suffered death himself upon the very gibbet that he had provided for another. L'Estrange.

    Papers of universal approbation, lay such principles to the whole body of the Tories, as, if they were true, our next business should be to erect gibbets in every parish, and hang them out of the way. Swift.

  2. Any traverse beams.

Sources: Cleveland, John (10) · Davies, John (45) · L'Estrange, Roger (131) · Swift, Jonathan (306)

Attributes: French (385) · Noun Substantive (1269)

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