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Glory (verb)

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To Glory. v.n. [glorior, Latin.] To boast in; to be proud of.

With like judgment glorying when he had happened to do a thing well, as when he had performed some notable mischief. Sidney, b. ii.

They were wont, in the pride of their own proceedings, to glory, that whereas Luther did but blow away the roof, and Zuinglius batter but the walls of popish superstition, the last and hardest work of all remained, which was to raze up the very ground and foundation of popery. Hooker, b. v. s. 42.

Let them look they glory not in mischief,
Nor build their evils on the graves of great men;
For then my guiltless blood must cry against them.

Your glorying is not good. 1 Cor. v. 6.

            Thou hast seen mount Atlas,
While storms and tempests thunder on its brow,
And oceans break their billows at its feet,
It stands unmov'd, and glories in its height.
Addis. Cato.

This title is what I most glory in, and what most effectually calls to my mind the happiness of that government under which I live. Addison's Freeholder, № 1.

If others may glory in their birth, why may not we, whose parents were called by God to attend on him at his altar? Atter.

No one is out of the reach of misfortune; no one therefore should glory in his prosperity. Clarissa.

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