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Grange. n.s. [grange, French.] A farm: generally a farm with a house at a distance from neighbours.

One, when he had got the inheritance of an unlucky old grange, would needs fell it; and, to draw buyers, proclaimed the virtues of it: nothing ever thrived on it, saith he; the trees were all blasted, the swine died of the measles, the cattle of the murrain, and the sheep of the rot; nothing was ever reared there, not a duckling or a goose. Ben. Johnson's Discov.

At the moated grange resides this dejected Mariana. Shakes.

                The loose unletter'd hinds,
When for their teeming flocks and granges full
In wanton dance they praise the bounteous Pan.

If the church was of their own foundation, they might chuse, the incumbent being once dead, whether they would put any other therein; unless, perhaps, the said church had people belonging to it; for then they must still maintain a curate: and of this sort were their granges and priories. Ayliffe.

Sources: Ayliffe, John (43) · Jonson, Ben (70) · Shakespeare's Measure for Measure (39) · Milton, John (449)

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